On Wednesday night a women was kidnapped at gunpoint outside the Central Michigan University Student Activity Center, but she escaped and the abductor was shot to death when he rammed police cars, according to the Isabella County Sheriff. This is kind of scary to me because stuff like this is happening so close to where we live. And this could happen to just about anybody. The woman was forced into her own SUV. The pair left the campus and went to a home where the abductor bound and sexually assaulted the woman. He then took her to a barn where he got some gas cans. It’s also scary because of the intentions of kidnappers.
After getting in the victim’s car and driving, the abductor told the woman he was going to kill her. At that point, she jumped from the moving car and ran to a house for help. The people in the house let her in and locked the door, and the woman called 911. The suspect followed her, used gasoline to set the house on fire, and fled. One of the homeowners was able to put out the fire.
I think that it’s messed up that he was willing to harm other people and their property because they were helping out a victim. I’m glad that she was ale to get away and the people could help her and I’m glad the were able to put the fire out.
A description of the vehicle the suspect was driving was sent out to law enforcement agencies, and he was spotted in Otsego and Crawford counties, and several hours later the suspect rammed a state trooper’s unit. He then stole a small sanitation truck and hit a Crawford County deputy’s cruiser head on. The deputy got out of his unit, ran up to the suspect and fired. The suspect was killed. Once again it scares me that this is happening so close to us I mean Otsego is our neighbor town. But at least we know he is off the streets thanks to a brave deputy. The victims identity was not released.

Read more: http://fox17online.com/2013/01/17/woman-at-cmu-kidnapped-but-escapes/#ixzz2IL3LO0kA
Read more at http://fox17online.com/2013/01/17/woman-at-cmu-kidnapped-but-escapes/#7iZYC0ptqDWE8ujl.99