SOUTH HAVEN, Mich. — Intermittent power outages Wednesday night and early Thursday morning created enough headaches in the city of South Haven that local schools closed for the day Thursday. I think these kids are lucky because they have no and it’s not even a snow day. Also with problems with the power they could be out of school for the rest of the week.
Public Works Director Roger Huff said a problem with an incoming line from service provider AEP was responsible for the issues. He said that power was interrupted about 18 different times starting at 7:45 P.M. Wednesday, but that electric service had been continuous since around 5:00 A.M. Thursday. With the power getting interrupted 18 times I’m sure these kids are going to have a nice long weekend. Even if they fix the power I’m sure they will have a snow day because they are right by the lakeshore where all this heavy snow is coming from.
Huff reported that AEP was investigating the issue, and that the problem was more of a “nuisance” than anything that threatened safety for the city’s approximately five thousand electric customers. It’s a good thing that the power outages aren’t threatening anyone’s safety and that the whole city didn’t loose would be bad if the whole city lost power that would mean nearly five thousand people would be without power.

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